This is one of the true examples of a bad beat, and where it goes to prove that luck is unbeatable.

I am sitting at a table with a player who is ranked in the 7000's.  Has no idea what he is doing, and his stack is fluxing like crazy, up and down, and up a little further, etc.  Basically just calling because he has chips, and catching.

I finally get my stack up to where I can take a chunk out of him.  I get dealt pocket 10's  mid position, but my table image is currently that I don't bluff, and my pre-flop raise means no less than a strong cat 3 or higher.

This other guy of course limps in in first position pre-flop.  I raise to 3x.  Everyone folds but him who calls.

Now mind you his table image is calls with crap, catches on river.

The flop is Kh 9s 10s.  So of course the only recourse I have is to shove so that he thinks twice about chasing.  At this point the only 2 cards he could have are QJ, but my thought is not likely that he called a 3x in that position, if he just wanted to limp in the first place.

He bets minimum, and in the previous hands, that has been either a mid pair, or a draw hand.  I would like to tell myself he did it on purpose, and set me up for a long time, but the reality of it was I had been outflopped by a low ranked player once again, who sees paint and calls/shoves/catches.  

Sure enough, he calls and has QJ OFFFFFF.  Suited, I could see calling with, OFF?  in a HORRID position vs a raise?  Either way though, even if it had been 2 spade cards he was holding the third spade came on the river. 

Naturally, my luck playing days are over and the board doesn't pair and no other 10, and I am out because he had me covered by 1K chips because of the other 14 times this happened.  

Could I have just called, and eventually folded out in middle play again?  Sure, no problem.  However, in this instance it would of been the WRONG play.  Statistically speaking, the odds that a straight is flopped WITH a pair that catches to a set is astronomical.  1 in like 12000, near what a royal flush odds are.  Therefore, based on my data about the player, I had NO reason to assume he was holding a straight, when I have a set.  Most people put too much faith in the theory that if there are 3 connecting cards on the board, your set is bunk.  On the river and turn, it's a little bit more frequent, but by that time you should have a pretty good idea if they were calling your aggressive bets, all the way down, and reraise you at the end because their draw caught.

Yes, i am starting to gripe, but the thing I am starting to notice is that aggression just doesn't pay off as much online as it does in real life games.

Against an all in shove, even holding the nut straight on the flop, there is an equal amount of players that call and those that would see those two spades and not want to gamble it, and wait for a more secure hand. 

Online though, I personally have never seen that happen.  Very few players seem to play the long game in the PSO or any other MTT, which makes it hard to determine if your skills are getting better or worse,
making the right calls or not, especially when the game is reduced to nothing more than bingo. 

I understand that the algorythm is certified random, blah blah blah, fine, tell the algorythm it just dealt a dozen suck out hands out of the last 20 to the player who has crap for rank, vs. a TABLE full of strongly ranked players, who can do nothing but lose to these hands, no matter which tactic we pull out.

I love playing this game, and I love all the aspects of it.  But something has to be done to remove the players that are just here to annoy and shove, take what they can and give nothing back.  I understand that players like these will always be part of the game, that is not what I am contesting.  I am contesting that those players have no business being here, because they aren't insterested in learning anything, just playing the luck card OVER and OVER and OVER.

Perhaps maybe a 5FPP minimum to be eligible to even play in addition to passing ALL quizzes would solve this matter.  In otherwords, they have to put their minimum deposit money in and either double up with it, play a survival game, or lose it all at the cash tables to acheive that 5FPP each month.  Paying their dues so to speak.  If they really want to avoid losing that 10 bucks every month, then by god they will learn how not to, which is the ENTIRE point of the school.

Granted I started as a free player, but I have always wanted to learn more, and guess what?  My 10 bucks netted me enough FPP to be active in the month of October, and I even still have some left over.

I'd say that is a reasonable expectation of all players involved in the PSO, that you earn your right to be there, and then you earn the payout if you truely are learning.

Most leagues charge a fee for EACH game you play.  Having one FPP requirement for a month would weed out those only semi-serious or fun loving donks that just want to play MTT.  There are LEGIONS of play money tournaments for them to play in, and I say let them sharpen their skills there, until they are ready to either win or lose with the money they ponied up to deposit.  Let them lose 50 bucks or so, and they will begin to think:  "Hmm, maybe I need to play to keep this money?".  If they don't, fine.  I will be waiting right there at that table, along with 50,000+ other cash players to take it, and then they can suck out in the PSO league on me all they want.

Thank you all for listening to this unusual rant from me, I am usually a bit more objective and neutral.  But if only one person had a valid complaint about this, then it could easily be overlooked.  But I am sure that there are very few in the league that have not had a run-in like this, especially from what I have read from just the people that have posted.

Bottom line is, if you are sucked out on, out-flopped, NEVER second guess yourself.  It very rarely is something you could of avoided, and only then by throttling back your aggression, which will lose you far more hands than the one you lost to the suck out.  But ALWAYS go back and review the hand in your mind, tourney logs, whatever. 

If you made a mistake that you should of caught, be honest about it, and tell yourself NOT to do that again, but not at the cost of sacrificing aggression.  The only reason why donks are sooo annoying in the first place, is that they are immune to pretty much every type of aggression, from any position.  A.K.A call station. 

It also happens to work out that when you raise because you think you have the best made hand, or best odds of winning, they caught a straight on the flop, 2 pair on the turn, or call and catch on the river to knock out your hand, with an unbelievable catch.

So before you go flogging yourself for playing bad, first look at the things that you could of done to avoid that hand.  If you were appropriate aggressively pre-flop vs a limp, or small raise(depending on hand and position), and played your c-bet right, and didn't try and trap with anything less than a nut flush, and the only answer to being knocked out on that hand was to throttle back the aggression so you didnt lose as many chips when the suck out came, then you played the hand right in most instances.

But as of today, I am going to KOS (kill on sight) to any donks I see.  If I have to throw 100 hands to them before I get one that they don't suck out on, so be it.  It will take only once to cripple them, twice at most.

So if your one of those players that is reading this, I highly suggest that you go learn how to play with something other than luck.  My run for the top of the board in October has pretty much been ruined by bad beats and suck outs, and there will be hell to pay for that.

Thanks for reading all, and I will try to post some comments before I leave for my trip later this week.