Just woke up, made some hot cocoa, got my pack of smokes ready, and looking forward to an action packed day of poker.  My goal is to get 6 ITM's today, which would be a new personal best for me.  Just found out  I may have to miss one game today, due to stepping out for about an hour or two.  I am going to pick up the new I.C.E. prepaid card that still works for depositing at POKERSTARS.  I will Start a bankroll building challenge today as well and keep all that are reading my blog updated on the progress.  I will be starting at the 10c 360 mans, which will give me 200 buy ins and virtually no chance of going broke.  I know it kinda seems boring at this level, but people have started here before and made it to 10k within a few months.  I look forward to getting this started and have been doing a lot of researching lately on how to make it work.  Good luck everyone until then.

Ok so today, I did miss one tourney, because I had to leave house for a little bit.  I did however manage to get in 5 tourneys with 3 ITM's and a min. positive point, and a very very min. 1 point loss.  Overall 110 points for the day was a very very nice bump to move me up the leaderboard.  I have surpassed my competition for my side bet as well, which makes me very happy. 

Just four days ago I have a score of 1422 and was ranked 9000, and now after some serious grinding and my hands holding when I need them to, I have jumped all the way to 300th and something place.  So any of you out there who doubt that you can not make it into the leaderboard by the end of the month, because you had a rough start at the beginning of the month.   Here is proof that it can be done,   NEVER QUIT TRYING!!! 

Good luck all and I will see you at the tables.