I ended the night with bad games with double neg finishes and dropped back to 1794.  After a nice 4 positive game push the final two games on 1/23 ended up being double negatives.  Then I got another score and went over 1815, then two more  negatives.  I am on the edge of the 1800's,  thinking to myself setting on 1794 points, this would be the most optimal time to spike a first place finish, to take a huge jump into the top 50.  So with further ado, I am going to make a bold attempt at taking a first place finish in the morning tourney. I know it's shooting high, but I am due for one this month and have had one in every month so far.   Good luck all and thanks for the comments.

Side Note:  I have not played a regular freeroll in a long time and decided to play Eddingtons Stud Hi/Lo early in the morning and took 15th place!! Got the ticket , so will be playing in the Weekly 2K.  Along with the Blogger Freerolls, and also the Home game finals tomorrow.  Wish me luck in these events.