I have been playing in the PSO for 4 months now.  Not counting the first half month where I was not eligible for the bigger payouts, I really did not try to hard.  Then the 2nd month came, and I tried to play the PSO like a regular MTT, which I quickly dug myself a hole and could not get out of it.  Then I started doing a lot of researching around the forums.  I started listening to how the top players in the league continued to place in the top 100 month after month with consistancy.  Then after reading thru all the posts in the forum and reading all the blogs, I devised a plan on how I would approach the league.  I started off good and was making ITM on a regular basis, until I ended up in the 1700's and for some reason I have not been able to get passed them.  If you could think of every way you could loose with a premium hand mostly AA or KK it has happened to me.  No matter how careful, how many notes I took, how long I would continuely run down the clock.  My hands will simply not hold.  I can score 140 points in 1 day!! But I can not for the love of god get passed the 1700's.  It actually cost me PSO WARM UP tourneys, because by the end of the month in Nov I was so tilted that I just blew all my points away and went from 1700 back down to like low 1500's.  Then in December I just gave up, because I could not get passed them and ended up settling for a 3.00 payout in the league.  Now  here we are once again and I am struggling once again  as we are nearing the end of the month.  It makes no sense.  I have not changed anything about my game, except I have played less and got there quicker, only to get shot back down again.  I am competitve and really do not want to quit trying.  But something has to give it makes no sense.  I understand every little detail about the game and completely understand variance, and trust me I have done my share to play thru it.  I run crazy amounts of volume.  Including several other tourneys throughout the day.  It just feels like sometimes the "switch" is turned on everytime I reach 1700 in the league, because the funny thing is, it is not affecting any of my other games.  So as the month ends once again which will probably be another 3.00 finish in payout I will be sitting in the corner scratching my head and preying to the poker gods and POKERSTARS to turn off the kill switch on me and let me make it into the 1800's.   Good luck to all at the tables, no need to worry you will have it all when you play against me, because YEP!!! YOU GUESSED IT i AM STUCK IN A RUT IN THE 1700's.