I have been playing real solid poker and should be in the top 175 once the results come in.  I played all six tourneys today and almost final tabled the first tourney of the day, but was knocked out with my AK vs AT all in preflop shove to two limpers UTG and took 12th.  I feel that I am on top of my game and working real hard not to get tangled up early with the overly loose players and working on pot control with them.  I did however have one early out today that was unavoidable but we will not go into that one.  So at the end of the day I started with a score of 1666 and should be around the 1750 range. I probably will be skipping most of the games tomorrow because I have to go do a job, but hopefully make it back to catch a couple of the late ones.  I figure in the next couple of days I will be reaching the 1850's and make it to the first two pages if not the first page.   I will continue my blog as I get closer, and wish you all good luck on the tables.