I am now currently in the low 500's after finishing 5 games today all positive points except the last game, which should give me only a single digit negative.   I fealt pretty good about my play today.  I found myself making some really good folds in critical situations where I was making exactly the right reads.  I made a few bad steps and did take on a couple of rough beats, but most of them did not eliminate me until the last game where I opened for 4x preflop to an UTG limper with AKc,  flopped top pair top kicker (Which I really hate putting a big portion of my stack with a single pair) I bet out flop when he checked it to me and he flatted which made me think he had a heart draw or possible a mid/low pckt that did not hit.  He checked the turn so I fired again only half pot, the river comes blank so no possible flush and he leads at me with a 2k bet which leaves me with about 1k left with the blinds climbing and the price was right for me to call and sure enough he had turned a set.  I guess you will tough moments like this but you win some you loose some.  I just checked the leaderboard and after the rest of the games are totaled I should be in the low 500's with around 1685 in points.  I have been barely sleeping thru the first game of the day, but hopefully with some sleep I wil make all 6 tomorrow.  I still have hopes of being a contender by the end of the month, I just need a couple more days of good runs.  I know it is a lot to ask, but if I had a christmas wish from the POKERGODS, PLEASE LET MY HANDS HOLD THE NEXT FEW DAYS.  Good luck all and I'll see you on the tables.