Well if you are wondering about what the title means to this blog entry I will explain.  I have played the past 4 days with late reg and early reg, it really does not matter anymore.  I have hit the pits and dropped all the way into the 1300's.  With the early outs vs donks is becoming too much.  I try for pot control and just ended up short stacked to finally pick up a premium to play aggressively and end up loosing to some donk who has more chips.  Im not blaming anything nor anyone for their play. 
     So for the rest of the month I will be joining the rewarded donks for some much needed loose play, because it is apparent to me that this is the only strategy that seems to work against me, so I guess I will try to make it work for me.  So when you see me at the table, don't be surprised if I crush your AA with a nasty suckout on the river with J6 offsuit two pair.  I can't beat them so I will join them, maybe this will help my rankings, maybe I will just drop even further, but one thing is for sure:  you will not be able to say I did'nt try everything!  Im going to give a whole new meaning to the phrase: Building Chips Early or Busting Out for a double negative finish.

Good luck,