Well......I really did try this month and made the "right" adjustments to the league and actually was up to 1700 pts roughly.  And thought to myself I finally figured it out and would try to reach my goal of 1850 that I previously set for myself.  I did not even come close to achieving that goal, and as a matter of fact I managed to get knocked all the way back down to 1577.75  and knocked off the leaderboard which I previously made up to the 400's.  I guess that I am not that good of a player, is what maybe people might think (I just wish I would have saved my hand historys for the last 5 days of all my bust hands, so that I could have posted on here and at least "Vented" that way, but I did'nt of course).  Or maybe I should have just sit on my 1700 score and waited to see where I placed, and maybe that is true.  But my competitive edge is my drive.  I try to play each and every game whether it is a freeroll or real money game, otherwise why play (Like Some)?  

     I just finished off the first game today and it only paid top 99 places but I ended up around 170 something, which may or may not score me positive points, who knows? 

     I have read about it in the forums and all over the blogs, concerning all the players that are here and could give a Chit Less about taking the league serious, and I have to say I would side with the majority of them who continuely post valid  alternatives (month after month) about seperating the donks whether it would be the last 5 days, or the whole next month, or make it a two tier league where certain players advance and certain players drop down.  It is an issue and I guess from what I hear will never be solved, and there is no real reason to even mention it anymore.  I find that hard to believe, but apparently that "IS" the case.  

    And with that being the case,  I guess I will play next month for the $30 goal and hopefully I can make that at least the 1820 score within the first couple days and sit on it and hopefully it holds, because playing at the end of the month is not even worth all the head hunting donks still allowed in the game.  Cause from this point on I am not investing the time nor the extra efforts of being a contributing member to the forum, unless it is for my own personal benefit.  I see that trying to be the idea player and contributing gets your idea's overlooked month after month and I do not want to be considered one of "Them" players that just (and I'll use this term loosely)  "whine" over and over again.  So I'll keep it simple and just it one last time.   Good luck at the tables!!!   and PEACE OUT!!!!!