And I am on the road to get myself knocked out of the leaderboard.  For the past several days it just seems that the donkeys are here headhunting the better players that are acutally trying to get something from the prize pool.  I have to admit it does get frustrating at times, but I have to remember that these "non caring" players that are ranked so far off that they will never have a chance this month and are just getting in to fawk the game up will not get to me.   And if my premiums can just hold up over the next few days it will still be a successful month.  Just hate trying all month and know that I do have more game than over 3/4 of players here and still probably going to min cash.  Not sure if I will be back next month for the abuse but thanks PSO/POKERSTARS  for the oppurtunity, and please take in consideration the comments that are made in your forums of creating a two tier league for the top 1000 of the previous month,  and you just might keep your devoted players from leaving the league, cause you do have some people that are really trying and getting fed up with the poor playing of others.  Also, if you can't change to a two tier league.  Just go and check out the bottom of the leaderboard with scores of sub 1350!!!! Do you really think these players are making the effort??????  IMO they should be temporarly banned from the next months games.  Just a thought and a little venting.