After a long grueling day yesterday and a bunch of negative points I do not think my head was in the game and took a lot of bad beats early in the tourney, where I know to avoid big pots unless I know I got the goods by the river, but did have some really sick 2 outter beats on the river in several games.  I probably should have took the day off with sooo many tourneys going on.  But it is a hard thing to do, when you are so close to making the top 100 if you have a good spike and not a backslide.  So today Im going to really focus on not going out early if possible.  I have had two tourneys so far and took 40th something in the first one and did pretty bad in the second one, but still have a few left to play in, so I will see how this goes.  Good luck to all at the tables.  Let's hope all the turkey I ate does not put me to sleep during the games, LOL.