I have achieved my goal of making it to the 600's today after backsliding to the 1100's with a few bad days of tourneys.  I guess I will have to shoot for the 400-500's with my remaining three tourneys today.

     On another note.  The bloggers tourney was a great turn out with some highly skilled players.  I actually fealt really good to play some solid poker with like minds on the game.  I was at 9k and had the most chips at table when a shorter 3k stack pushed from the CO and I was sitting in BB with pp TEN's thought this guy would be shoving weak Ace at best given his range from previous hands he was playing I called and yep he had A3off vs my TT and he spiked a ten on the turn.  That took me down to 6k  couple orbits later a very good player at PSO name not mentioned was UTG and severly short stacked UTG and I was in the BB with 9's this time, I had a good feeling He was on a pretty good ace with only 1500 chips but made the call and he flips KK.  Ouch again, the play went on and turned into survival mode with few more of my PP's did not hold and went out around 29th.  Just needed to run good late but did not happen.  Oh well, maybe next time. 

     Overall it was a great experience to play against some of the better players in the league and have a chance to win a ticket.  Thanks again PSO for the great tourneys and all of your hard work.