It was mostly the fault of my own though.  Gave some top players a little too much respect, but what was the worst part is that I did not implement my new strategy that has been very successful and worked very well.  But on another note I am very happy after the PSO tourneys ended tonight I went over and played the PCA freerolls to the finals and managed to get a ticket to the final.  I usually 24 table these and play Cat 1 hands only throughout the tourney until maybe the final 2 final tables where I have to switch it up.  I stay away from the first few hands usually in these because it is an all in DONKFEST.  When 24 tabling them I usually end up at least 5-8 of final two tables if not more and usually get a ticket.  I would highly recommend giving it a shot if you're not already and would like to have a chance to get a little boost to your online bankroll with a chance to go to the bahamas.