Missed the first tourney of the day.  But I will be playing all of them for the rest of the day.  I entered a few freeolls on FB, just to see if my hands were holding up, so far so good and hopefully they will hold in the tourneys tonight at PSO.  If they do it should be an overall good day.  Good luck to all!!

Ok well that was an interesting day.  I only got to play like 2-3 tourneys, I think one is not showing up I will have them email me from pokerstars to see if it was three and just missing from the leaderboard.  Other than that I was multi tabling while playing today and forgot to register for a few tourneys and only played in 3 of the 6 I think.  I got positive points for the day but went out early in one tourney which was a big let down, because I strayed away from my normal strategy and was playing to many tourneys at the time to apply it.  Well will keep you updated on tomorrows progress.