I will start off by saying hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Here are a few things I would like to say about myself. I was born and raised in Indiana in a pretty small town of about 50k. I used to race bikes professionaly when I was very young, but after being #1 in US for my age group for two years, I decided to get out of it and find out what regular teens my age were doing. I always have been into sports and doing activities that keep my mind or body working. I would consider myself a pretty competitive person when it comes to a challenge. I grew up around playing cards with friends and family, I could remember when I could barely see over the table my parents used to have family and neighbors over for certain holidays and play poker, I caught on to the game at a very young age and have enjoyed playing it ever since. This is part of my reason for creating my PERSONAL and POKER BLOG. I will keep track of all my progress in the future and coming year. I have been reading tons of bankroll building articles and strategys, by Chris Furgeson and Daniel Negreanu for instance. My goal is see if I have what it takes to do what they did. My ultimate goal is to make 10k from nothing by playing online poker with an occasional live game at the local casino once my BR can support it. Im not setting a time limit on this, because I completely understand that the first part of this challenge is going to be very hard with a lot of grinding in freerolls and micro limit games. I will be also tracking all my progress in my other poker experiences. And to start the night off on a good note. I have played 3 rounds of THE BIG GAME qualifiers on Pokerstars and have made it thru all of them and qualified to be part of the 5000 person casting pool. I am currently coming up with ideas for making a video to send into them, I will keep you guys posted on this too, wish me luck! Until next time, laterz!