I realize that getting 15 points per game is an achevable goal ------One time I registered to a game then got distracted I didnt get back for 40 minutes ---I still had 1100 chips and about 7000 players were already gone. Mind you I was facing very large stacks --some were picking on the table---I waited a bit and got KK in the big bling ---The pot was about 3200 before it got to me so I went allin --I had 3 callers (large stacks) and then the biggest stack went allin with AK  Making me the eventual winner of that hand LOL you know what I mean---Now I've got 4400 chips to play with and less then 2500 players left in the tournament---I'm a passive agressive player so getting 15 points or even more is now very easy for me.In that game I ended up finishing in a good possition and making 53 points---To make a long story short my daily goal was already achieved but unrelentlessly I played my other games and ending up with almost 100 points for the day ------------I started this month late with 1500 points and now sit in 180 possition with 2132 points ---------
This month I should make it to the top 10-20 possition (if my daily goals are accomplished)