There's still alot of really bad players in this league,they will play a wide variety of seemingly bad hands and win and if your reading this ---it's because you just lost with trip 7's and some donk got there 1 outer on the river LOL. I do have some stategies to share, i'm a numbers guy so I calculated how many points I need on average per day to move into the top 50-to top 10 or leader ------my number is 45 points per day --thats 10-15 points per game depending on the number of games of coarse.
My calculations 45 points per day------------------thats 3 games maybe 4  ---- calculating 60 points
45 X 30 days = 1350 adding the 1500 starting points thats 2850 points and im in the number 1 position.
This is just a simple strategy that I'm testing for myself ----- this month I started late but I moved from 1500 to 2150 in 10 days ----------It is working for me--------
This is my strategy for winning games ( and its not using the clock and wasting time although you can do that too but I don't like to do that unless its needed)  I select good starting and get in cheap AA to AK small pocket pairs suited A,s and so on---- example at the beginning of a tuornament alot of bad players are going allin with less desirable starting cards ( if I have AA --KK --Im all in too) its a gamble that they will win but its OK. however Im folding QQ JJ 1010 and so on ( really depends on how I feel) but I'm thinking this lets say a better hand is always comming next and they always do---I still have most of my starting stack ----I get in cheap --lets say A-d    5-d  the flop comes diamond-diamond-diamond -nut flush for me and a greater percentage of doubling up - Another example --I get in cheap with pocket 10,s
and hit trips. I dont get overly aggressive I let the other players bring the play to me until I have the nuts or i have a large enough stack to absorb a bad beat. Being passive in the first half hour is important ---More then half the players to7000 player are gone already ---by the first break I already have my 15 points ----------thats my goal-----15points per game---3-4 games per day 30 days per month --I,M # 1