I took a few months off because I wasn't doing well in the open skill league. When I came back I thought ---Lets try the new ZOOM POKER for fun and faster action----WOW its great ( Hats off to poker stars) wish PS would come up with a ZOOM POKER LEAGUE   lol. Anyway I've been using the same kind of stategy ----In ZOOM POKER if I don't like my whole cards I fold and I'm automatically in another hand --tell me thats not ingenious -- Now I'm applying the same concept to my game in the open league With a few variations cause I have to kill time between hands but I've been able to fold good starting hands or get in cheap and hit the flop more often with good starting (staying away from the all in frenzy) till I'm confident I have the best hand.--I'm not sure it maybe just klicked for but with ZOOM POKER ----I have a better understanding of the starting hands I want and win with ----Now my numbers are climbing in the league and that makes me feel great.------------p.s. Thank you POKER STARS