My last WBCOOP event is behind me. It was my favourite mix game, HORSE. Alas, the poker gods were cruel today. I had practically no good starting hands, and when I did, it was usually in razz, where I then received so many bricks I could build a wall with. Aside from one bright exception in stud, which only prolonged my misery, unimproved AA was good enough for a double up. But that was not quite enough. I finished in 189th place, well away from the money and more precious tickets. My last hand was a looker, KK in the BB in LHE, only to get beat by A3, when two aces showed up on the board.

That sealed my WBCOOP experience in the prelim events, I collected 4 cashes out of 10 played events for a grand total of $71.5 worth of SCOOP tickets. The only thing left to play for now is the “real” money. That will be in the Main Event tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t decided what kind of approach I will take yet, but considering the structure, which I think is very good, I just might give Mr. Hansen’s approach another go. It worked well enough for me last time around. Maybe this time I can hit that big score for a really sweet bankroll booster.

I’m not quite sure, what kind of requirements PokerStars has for the best live twitterer and best blogger awards, but I’m sure hoping I’d get a chance at one of those.

In other activities today I am railing the PokerStars vs. FullTilt Pros HU matches. I’m very much enjoying them. I like the “Professionals”, I really like Gus’ play, but somehow I’m quietly rooting for the PokerStars pros. And at the moment they are ahead 1-0 after ElkY destroyed Blom 3-0.

For today I’m done with playing poker. I will sit on the couch with my girlfriend, watch some TV, drink some wine and in general enjoy a nice quiet Sunday. I will be checking up on the TiltVsStars matches also though. (;

I leave you with that. Hope you have enjoyed my WBCOOP journey. And rest assured if you like my writing, do check back. I am here to stay (as katerina289 put it). Also, go check her blog. Some pretty sweet stuff there!