Yesterday it was my fourth day of playing the WBCOOP events on PokerStars. I played two events, event #22 (6max PLO) and event #23 (NLHE with big antes).

If you follow my twitter account @domenko, you know already, how my day went. (: In the PLO event I went far deeper than I would have expected when the event started. PLO is by far my worst game and the one I have the least experience with. But nonetheless I went deep only to have my second top 12 finish of the series, earning a second $22 SCOOP ticket. In my mind PLO is very much a gambling game, even more so than NLH, and I played it as such. Seeing cheap flops with middle suited connectors, to see a dream flop, hitting the nuts with redraws to boot. My stack grew to such a point where I was second in chips with less than 30 players left in the hunt. Alas it wasn’t meant to be, because I got it in with double suited aces, only to see my opponent flopping a set and I missed all the draws for 75% of my stack and losing the last 25% to a turned higher straight. I could have waited for better spots, but I was playing for the win. I want to win. Not so much because of the prizes, but for the leader board points and the right to say I won a tournament which was a part of a PokerStars annual series. But as I said, with PLO being my least favourite game (that might change soon, though), I would be surprised if I went on to win it. But I have 3 chances left to do so.

My second tournament of the day wasn’t that successful. I made some pretty horrific mistakes, no doubt due to the fact that I played poker for 10 hours up to that point. Needless to say I was out before the money bubble burst, ending my otherwise pretty good poker day.

So far I played a total of 7 tournaments and cashed in 3 of them. That brings my total winnings to $55 in SCOOP tickets and 70 leader board points.

I hope I can do better today and add some more needed points to my name and win some tickets. On todays menu are NLH with very deep stacks and 20 minute levels, and PLO8.

See you on the virtual felt.