So. My second attempt at a WBCOOP title crashed and burned yesterday, after busting in 11th place in the Stud event (#10).

I ended up cashing for a $22 SCOOP ticket and the entry to the WBCOOP Main Event, alongside 25 points for the WBCOOP leader board, but that was a small comfort. I was aiming higher and from what I saw in the early phases of the tournament, it was just to do so. Players caping the pot on third and fourth streets with nothing but A high, which was buried, mind you. And the caller didn’t have a much better hand. neither. Then you had players gambling when they were clearly behind, calling down double bets with no real odds, trying to fill a gutshot draw. When I saw all that I thought, wow, this should be easy! But when the deck keeps hitting the fish, it’s hard to win a tournament.

On my last hand I had less than two L’s (that is a fixed limit equivalent of what M is in big bet games, in stud games one L equals 4 big bets; a competition on 3rd street and one bet on every consecutive street) and managed to get it in against a much smaller pair than my JJ were. As Bryan Devonshire says: “It’s hard to make a pair.” On that note, my remaining cards ran out without making a second pair, but the villain caught his on 7th street, and that was it for me.

My next attempt at victory will be the triple stud event tomorrow, followed by the NLH Heads up event straight after.

I was recently informed that I might have to skip the event I’m most looking forward to, Event #28: HORSE. I supposedly have an away rugby match, and probably won’t be able to be at my computer by the time late reg ends. If that happens I will play one of the remaining two NLH events so none of my tickets will go to waste.

That’s it for now, hope you guys are well!