That was rather unfortunate. My first WBCOOP tournament was a bust. It started out slow, and I won a small pot or two, then got a Q high flush beaten by the nut flush in a limped pot for a tenth of my stack. Not so devastating, in all fairness, it left me with plenty of chips, about 80 big blinds. But the deck wasn’t very kind, so while I was folding my napkins, I was observing how my table played and boy oh boy were they loose. Stacking off with the nut ace high on straight boards and shoving the river when the board was five to a straight with an overpair. If only I could get a hand! I got some small pairs and never hit the mines I was looking for. So I was bleeding chips all the way until I got to the biggest hand of my tournament.
I got dealt 66 in the small blind and called a standard 3x raise from a guy who played 30%+ of his hands, but raised 11%, who was in late position. Flop came 43T rainbow and he cbet small, which I called. Turn was a 7 completing the rainbow, which I check called again. From the start I was putting him on two big cards, like AJ+ and KJ+ and some random ace rag hands. Of course his range here also included all the pairs that could have hit a set, as well as over pairs, 88 and 99. But seeing him play hands before I was putting him on a big ace. The river was a meaningless 2 and he shoved the rest of his stack in, which was less than half the pot. Against his range of raising hands I was a 55% favourite with my sixes and having to call 3.500 to win over 10.000, I didn’t like it, but I had to call. Of course I ran in to the absolute top of his range. He had AA and took down a healthy pot, leaving me with 10BB. When the big blind came around to me I found an A6 suited and a lone raiser from MP. He also open raised 11% of hist starting hands, but due to my stack size I decided to 3-bet shove, hoping he would end up shipping 40% of his stack with a K or Q high, which was well within his range, or that I at least had some outs. Turns out I was ahead when he called and turned over KJo, making me a roughly 60% favourite. Sadly though the flop brought a J and no A for me, so I was out.

While I finished in 271st place out of 422 runners isn’t great, it’s not bad either. I think I played well, but NLH is not my number one game, I’m trying to improve it and this tournament series should help me a lot. But if you’ve read my schedule post, you can see that out of the 10 tournaments I chose only 5 are NLH. The other games are more up my alley and I am hoping for some better hands in those and I’m looking forward to the deep stack NLH tournament where there will be a LOT of space to manoeuvre with monster stacks, and lengthy blind levels, even though I’m used to playing turbo SNG’s where the push/fold stages come around quite quickly.

I will definitely be updating my future progress here on the blog as well as on twitter @domenko.

My next stop will be the NLHE tournament on Sunday night, which I think has the same structure as the one today. Hopefully I can finish better than today.

See you guys out there!