I have been playing poker on and off for the last 8 years. And believe it or not, my first encounter with this massively popular card game was online, on PokerStars. I started playing with play money and eventually got a way of depositing some real cash. Through this time I have made some profit, some losses, made a few withdrawals and some redeposits as well. I have seen an acquaintance of mine go from winning a seat for the Sunday Storm (formerly Sunday Quarter Million) and taking it down for a massive sum of $27k. I have played in private tournaments with some very successful professionals including a WSOP bracelet winner Jason Sommerville and 12th place finisher of the WSOP Main Event, Bryan Devonshire. I have even sat at a table with the PokerStars Pro and one of the most recognisable names in poker Daniel Negreanu, above that I managed to knock him out of the SNG. Twice. But I want to tell you what my absolute favourite part of playing on PokerStars is. You ready?

It’s Home Games. Now let me explain. Have you ever tried playing a heads up sit’n'go with a friend? If you have, chances are, you were not seated at the same table. Those games fill up so fast it’s virtually impossible to get seated with someone of your choosing. Especially when you want to play small stakes, because you are friends none the less and you just want to have bragging rights, more than money; let me tell you, there is almost nothing as fun as tilting a good friend and in the process taking beer money off him. Some readers might ask, well why don’t you play live, behind an actual table and some real cards to boot. In my case that is not a real possibility, because my poker playing friends live either in another country or a few hours drive away. But Home Games allow us to play a friendly game for little to no money, lower rake and added flexibility of choosing the structure, starting stacks and blind levels. Don’t wanna play hold’em? No problem. Pick another game. Anything PokerStars offers in their every day repertoire is there for you to choose from.

As far as my poker path goes I am certainly hoping that I will make some deep runs in big online tournaments, play in the WSOP, EPT and WPT and have success in cash games of all sorts. While those dreams might come true, just as well as they might not, I am certain, that I will continue to try and tilt my friends when I play them using Home Games, no matter where in the world we are. The bragging rights alone are worth the attempt.

If you haven’t tried this particular feature of PokerStars yet, I strongly suggest you open the software client, click on Home Games and create your own private little virtual card room. Invite some friends, schedule a game, and give it your best shot in taking some beer money off them!