Started April 1st 2017
Bankroll $40.01

NLHE Full Ring 2 Tables

Week 1
Level 2NL #BronzeStar 2,648 Hands +$11.35 BR $51.36  bb/100 20.51
Week 2
Level 2NL #BronzeStar 4,362 Hands +$7.27 BR $58.63  bb/100 20.22
Week 3
Level 2NL #BronzeStar 5,698 Hands +$9.76 BR $68.39  bb/100 24.04
Week 4
Level 2NL #BronzeStar 6,783 Hands +$14.27 BR $82.66  bb/100 29.10

I'm also going to start a PLO Bankroll Survival Challenge on PokerStars from May 1st 2017. I will deposit $40 for 20 Buy Ins and will use 20 Buy Ins per level until 25PLO. I call this Bankroll Survival as I'm a transitioning No Limit player trying to Learn Cash and Tournament Pot Limit Omaha.

See my Blogspot for full details of my Grind

Watch the Grind on Twitch TV

Its been a great start and looking forward to May

"The Grind is Real and Rolls on"