$100 to 100NL Bankroll Challenge LIVE on Twitch #BankrollGrind

Started 2nd Nov 2016 with two Bankrolls. PokerStars $100 and ACR $100.30. The reason I decided to use ACR was to reach the US Market but after two weeks of play I really didn't like the platform so Tuesday I withdrew my Bankroll from ACR to concentrate on PokerStars. My ACR Bankroll was $160.74 +$60.44 profit and when clearded into my Bank account I will add $40 to PokerStars. 

Felt much better concetrating on one Bankroll and today took my first step up on the VIP Ladder to Chromestar. Bankroll $144.09. Live on Stream the #BankrollGrind 


Started at 2NL and my step up to 5NL ment I needed $125.00. 

Here is my Bankroll Management: ~

Stepped up to 5NL 15th Nov 2016 and using my Bankroll Mangement I will stay at 5NL above $100 and move up to 10NL at $300. I won't take shots at 10NL until I hit $300 then only step down to 5NL if account drops to $200. 

Next Month I'm not chasing SilverStar but will look to maintain ChromeStar and Grind out 5NL to $300. 

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$100 - 100NL Bankroll Challenge is Grinding Cash Games using profits to Buy In to Tournaments for that Bink to boost the Bankroll. Idea is to get 100NL NLHE Cash Games for Income generating Poker.  Along the way Learning and Growing as a Poker Player. 

Be sure to stop by the Stream and say hello. 

Until the next update "The Grind is Real & Rolls on"