Always one to try and set goals.
Win some & Lose some.

After emptying my PokerStars account I reloaded.

The Plan:
Loaded PokerStars $280.36 and going to try and spin up to 100NL with a $4,000 Bankroll. Then take profit from 100NL regular Online Cash Game play to play 100NL Live Cash Games in London.

Going to update this thread at the end of each month.

April 2016
Started 22nd April 2016 $280.36
Not been the best start and ended up with a Loss for April.

See Spreadsheet & Graph in Members Blogs, HERE

May 2016 Goals
Maintain ChromeStar +100 VPP
Reach SilverStar +500 VPP
2,500 StarCoins - Rule: Can't Cash in unless above $300
Bankroll Target $400

Next post end of May 2016