Started 1st March 2016
VIP Level - BronzeStar
Bankroll - $60
VPP - 0
StarsCoin - 265.63

End of Month 1 - March Report
VIP Level - ChromeStar
Bankroll - $72.33
VPP - 140.82
StarsCoin - 503.63

Days played 22 with 7 sessions off stream
Ended the month +$12.33 and achieved ChromeStar
Played +12k hands running +8bb/100

Rocky month with the on and off stream sessions but ended up Month 1 in profit.
The Stream #BankrollGrind got Partnered with #TeamJivaro & #TeamGIU

Great Hand Review session with Tyler Frost from PokerStars Team Online and adjusted my game with his advice. Video Link HERE

Streaming a regular session everyday has it pros and cons. Great for every viewer knowing exactly when your streaming but felt this week when not fully on my game the pressure to stream. Trying to find that balance for Home and Streaming but will continue the current schedule.

My Fun Cash Roll on PokerStars has gone from $19.04 - $74.05
This Roll has no bankroll management and I can do with as I please.

Current PokerStars Bankroll $146.38

You can view my Online Bankroll Spreadsheet HERE

April 2016 Goals:
Maintain ChromeStar VIP
Increase Bankroll above $85

To keep up to date with the #BankrollGrind follow:

The Blog - The #BankrollGrind, go back and read Posts for March
Twitter - @DodgyOO7
Twitch  - Monday to Friday 10am - 2pm

Looking forward to April and hope you can all be there.