15th March 2016

#BankrollGrind $75.11

Played 8 Sessions at 2NL -$11.18
3,974 Hands
#BankrollGrind $63.93

This week I lost $11.18 for a number of reasons.
Had some personal and health problems plus looked like i was going to stop the Bankroll Grind. I stopped playing on Stream Wednesday 9th March. I then did the classic stupid error of playing drunk and 24 tables which resulted in the loss.

Going forward into Week 3 and beyond:

This week I have to change a few things in my personal life and reformat the Stream to move forward and begin Streaming once more. While I have been offline I have played some Poker with mixed success but as of today 17th March the #BankrollGrind Day 12 is $67.21

You can view my Online Results Spreadsheet HERE

The Stream will now only focus on the #BankrollGrind Cash Games with a regular schedule starting Monday 21st March.

Schedule: Monday to Friday 10am - 2pm GMT

The focus will be 2 Full Ring Standard Cash Game Tables starting at the Micros from 2NL and progress through to 100NL.
Changing the way I blog also going forward as I will use the Main Community Blog here to report to PSO Members and for non PSO Members I have added a New Blog HERE

You can watch every hand played LIVE on Twitch plus get your FREE PokerSchoolOnline School Pass Ticket.

Hope to see you on my Stream