Hello PSO

Since my last post I decided to stop my Bankroll Grind and withdrew all Funds from from PokerStars.
I felt with me taking Donations on Twitch through PokerStars and playing Home Games my Bankroll Grind was not as pure as I would of liked. The whole Twitch idea just got out of control and beyond what I was out to achieve.

So now I'm starting a fresh using 2 Poker Sites. Not fair on Stars to mention the other site here but to say I have started with $20.  With PokerStars being my main site I will start with $0.00 on PokerStars as my VIP Level SilverStar lets me play Freerolls plus I have some Tournament Tickets.

The idea going forward will be to play the Fish in Cash Games on the other Poker site until I get $100 then I'll withdraw and put on PokerStars then focus once again solely on stars.

With Twitch I'm going to be the Alternative Twitch Channel with No Webcam, No Mic, just Poker. Showing a record on my Poker Grind with once again every hand played LIVE on Twitch.

Set up a Personal Poker Blog: The #BankrollGrind

PSO Forum Members Blog: Micro it up Baby !

Twitch: The #BankrollGrind

Twitter: @DodgyOO7

The PSO Blog with be updated monthly and my Personal Blog will be updated Daily and Weekly.

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