Normally I play every hand of my Bankroll Grind Live on Twitch. But slowly we are building a community from the Channel of Like Minded Poker Players using Skype.

Last night after watching one video of PLO with @Joeingram1 I started a Play Money PLO game with fellow Bankroll Grind Crew Member @The3dframerAdam where we rocked the Table having never played PLO Online before.

Watching and Coaching us was High Stakes PLO player "handsoulo"  who after a few mins staked us into last nights $11 Omaina. @The3dframerAdam  came 217th and I @DodgyOO7 Final Tabled and came 7th for $124 !!!  we we agreed with "handsoulo" to chop 50/50 with me & 3d.

Thanks for the Staking "handsoulo" and think you have turned 2 Holdem players into PLO players.

Great Fun Night

Shouts out to: Grandpot, HappyDonk & degnr8 


Bankroll $286.11

Checkout the Full Report in the Forum "Dodgy007 - Micro it up Baby"

Catch you all at the Month end Update