Goals for March 2015:
1) Maintain ChromeStar - Check
2) Increase Bankroll to $150.00 - Check
3) Move up Stakes to 2c/5c 5NL - Check


All goals hit and Exceeded for March. Hit SilverStar

During March I was able to Step Up from 2NL to 5NL
Grinding 4 Tables 5NL

Started March $111.08 and ended $163.08 +$52.00

For the Full Report, Checkout my Forum Post - Micro it Up Baby ! 

Been a ride this month but great meeting like minded Poker Players on Twitch where I play every hand LIVE.
My Twitch Channel: The #BankrollGrind LIVE with DodgyOO7
Broadcast Highlights
Twitter: DodgyOO7


Goals for April 2015:
1) Maintain SilverStar
2) Increase Bankroll to $200.00
3) Book First Stella Reward - 750VPP $10.00