After being out of the game since 2013 I loaded PokerStars with $20 once again for a Bankroll Grind. 

Goals for Feb 2015:
1) Double Bankroll to $40.00 - CHECK  Ended the month $111.08
2) Get ChromeStar - CHECK  10th Feb HIT ChromeStar

Fantastic Start to the First Month 

For the Full Report, Checkout my Forum Post - Micro it Up Baby ! 

I found Twitch where Poker Players are Streaming Live Games with Hole Cards shown on a delay.
Got me thinking I can do that so started Streaming my Bankroll Grind Live on Twitch. 

My Twitch Channel: The #BankrollGrind LIVE with DodgyOO7
Broadcast Highlights
Past Broadcasts
Twitter: DodgyOO7

Goals for March 2015:
1) Maintain ChromeStar
2) Increase Bankroll to $150.00
3) Move up Stakes to 2c/5c 5NL