July 2013


02 Jun: BR $12.28 VPP 2.20 FPP 735.93
23 Jun: BR $72.93 - Highest point so far
14 Jul: BR $62.74 - Month High
28 Jul: BR $29.00 VPP 899.37 FPP 573.91

Freeroll Tournament Results:
01 Jul: 100K ChromeStar Privilege FR 1,331/16,480 $0.36c
05 Jul: 100K ChromeStar Privilege FR 1,099/14,735 $0.38c
09 Jul: 100K ChromeStar Privilege FR 132/15,425 £1.09
13 Jul: 100K ChromeStar Privilege FR 1,550/15,169 $0.40c
13 Jul: VIP 5K Weekly FR 1,574/15,169 $0.70c
Total $2.93

VIP Rewards:
13 Jul: Stellar Reward reaching 750 VPP +$10
14 Jul: Locked ChromeStar for August

NO PROFIT FOR JULY - Lost $13.34 BR $29.00

July has been a bad month with every session nearly ending in a loss.
Took 8 days off to return and still lose with my Bankroll at $29.00.

Feel pretty bad on how the month progressed or not as it turned out but going in to August hope full to turn it around.

August I just want to lock ChromeStar for September and make some Dollars.

I loaded up my results for my Live Games above but only played 2 games in July boosting Live BR to £119.15. This weekend I'm playing in a 24 Hour Private Home Cash Game so looking forward to that.

August GOALS
1) BR $80+
2) Maintain ChromeStar for September
3) Play Live Cash Games

You can follow me on Twitter @DodgyOO7 where I post on The Roller Coaster that is The Micros

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