1) BR $80+
2) Maintain SilverStar for August
3) Get first Stella Reward 750VPP = $10
4) FPP 985+
5) Watch more PSO Videos
6) Watch Deuces Cracked Videos
7) Every 5 days take 1 day break from Poker

Adjustment to JULY GOALS:
1) BR $80+
2) Drop SilverStar & Maintain ChromeStar
3) Get first Stella Reward 750VPP = $10
4) Watch more PSO Videos
5) Watch Deuces Cracked Videos

Decided that the challenge is Bankroll Building and not VIP Building
After playing nearly everyday last month I got burned out on Poker so started slow this month.
Going to let my play dictate my VIP level rather than grinding the hours to get VIP Levels.
Main goal is to grow Bankroll to move up Levels and play better Poker.

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