Been a losing player online while a winning player Live up to £1/£2 Cash NLHE

After a number of small deposits I said to myself

"That's it if I lose these $$$$ I'm never going to play online again !"

Then 26th May 2013 I got email from PokerStars, I hit ChromeStar ! Never looked into the VIP Program.

So I watched some videos from Gripsed Poker and had $12.28 in my PokerStars account and thought ok lets do this right and get winning online. My PokerStars account got down to $12.28 so I started playing 1c/2c 2 tables then 4 and now I'm upto 8. Tried 16 but WTF way to fast for me lol

Chipping up slowly and Locked up ChromeStar for July and I might try this month for Silver but at 1c/2c that is a lot of poker.

As of this post BR $45.86 VPP 157.15 for June (Total VPP 2013 319) FPP 890.88

I'm on Twitter @DodgyOO7 and I show screen shots of my Bankroll Progress

Since I started this Bankroll Build I have found more of PokerStars that I had never seen before as I was a one table micro donk. I never loaded enough to play higher, now I want to build to play within a roll online while improving my game for Online & Live.