I had pretty terrible day to day as far as luck goes and I'm blogging it because it makes me feel better to vent. I started playing on stars yesterday with 100 got to 113 and now after today I'm down to 97. I know a lot of players say they had bad beats when the turth is they're just whining because they lost a 60/40 hand. For starters I played 3 90 person sngs for 2 bucks on 2 of them I was doing very well then took a phew bad beats and got out with 27 people left. The first game I had kqs standard hand i raised in position got 2 callers the flop was k 10 7 rainbow flow Its checked to me I bet 2/3 pot for about 5bbs this guy mini rr me i called suspecting he had kings maybe 2 pair, or even qj very wide range of hands he could have he was an aggressive player I called the turns a queen giving me 2 pair. He open pushes on me for 27bbs which is about 75% of my stack I thought about it for a while came to the conclusion he either had AK KJ or K10 all of which i had pretty dominated. I call he shows KJ then BAM on the river is an ace giving him a straight... Now that wasnt too terrible he had about a 16% chance to win I dont like his play and I clearly played the best out of the 2 of us in that scenario. That was followed by a 10bb push all in from me 3 hands later with aks and got a caller with a10 he spikes a 10 65/35 whatever no biggie. The next hand in a tourny I will tell the shorter version it was the typical I had kings he had qj we see a flop for 3xbb comes queen high he bets 5xbb I just smooth call in position wanting to lure him in, the turn is a blank he does exactly what i wants pushes for about 70% of my stack I call instanly he shows his pair queens and BATTA BING BATTA BOOM on the river jack ouch. That was a 10 percenter. Again I dont blame him I wanted him to push and think his top pair was good, but my luck let me down again on this one. I pushed with Aq a phew hand later cause the blinds were high and i was pretty damn close to the bubble, but I wasnt going to get paid because I was going to end up being blinded out before the bubble and I got called with Ak and I lost which is fine he had the best hand. The next one is pretty sick I'm sitting at 50 bbs 17 people from the bubble this guy had about 42bbs he raises which he had been doing every other hand when he was in first position to 3xbb I called because this guy bets complete air EVERY HAND. I have 98 and he has A10. The flop is 9 8 4 rainbow he makes a continuation bet I rr to the pot with is now about 15bbs the turn brings a 4......HE OPEN PUSHES I thought about it knew he was trying to represent an over pair, although he was doing so very poorly, so I put him on air I called he shows A10 high AND KAMOFOINGBOOM on the river comes a 10 making him have a better 2 pair. This one hurt cause it left me crippled when I would've been in second place out of the whole tourny with just 29 people to go. This guy had a 10% to win when he voluntairly shoved on the turn, but on the flop he was about a 5% favorite to win and he willing committed over half his stack to this 5% odds. He probably thought he was in the good if he hit an over pair so I dont blame him for giving me action, but I don't like the results. Thus I feel the need to vent. The last hand I want to vent about was a $5 heads up match. I had Js he Ks, I bet he rr to a total of 9xbb when we both had around 50bbs, I thought about it of course and decided he either had ak As AQ QS KS even AJ but if he has an Ace theres no point in pushing pf cause he would call and bet batting 30 percent so no reason to base this game on luck, not to mention he could have me ctrushed with an over pair so I just call. The flop is A J 4......YAHTZEEE, (I thought to myself quietly)... he makes a pot size bet for 18bbs and I put him on AK so I rr he pushes all in for his remaining 8bbs I called. He turns up Pocket Kings................Turn is a 5.......................wait for it.........................................WAIT FOR IT........................................MO****EN KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........KING ON THE RIVER......OUCH LAST story, but this was bad play on my part, but unfortunate how the cards the ran and my play was bad as well I have 2s guy raises 5xbb with 7s in a cash game keep in mind it's 2/5 cent i sat down with $5.00 I call his raise in position flop A Q 2. YIPPIE he makes a 10bb continuation bet I rr mini he calls about 30bbs in the pot now he checkes the turn I bet 15xbb little low but i didnt want to scare him out he calls and the river is a 7 giving him better trips he checks I push thinking I'm getting double stacked,but instead he insta calls with his set of 7s..OBviously i shouldve pushed on the turn I guess to scare him out....Actually I'm not sure how to play those situations because most of the time I'm looking for value with huge hands, but I guess thats varience also I guess i didn't have to push on the river that would've saved me about 55bbs. ANyways the point of this blog was not to whine about how terrible I run or anything like that. It's just been a bad day and I wanted to vent and get it off my chest. If you guys seen anything that you feel tossing some advice or debates about feel free, but I'm gonna hop back on the tables cause I feel as if a weight is lifted off my chest hopefully my bad luck streak will ware off soon!!! PEACE