There is something inherently wrong with this league as a proclaimed educational tool.

I find the vast majority of players one encounters aren't interested, in the slightest, in improving their game along basic, fundamental, theoretical lines. The early to mid stages of every PSO tournament are destroyed by horrifically ill advised play. I've played a reasonable number of games this month, and can say, unwaveringly, that there is only one way to play these tournaments, gut wrenchingly tight. Just take a look at the results for the last 10 tournies, and tell me it's not a coincidence that a large proportion of the players ranked in the top 100 overall are busting out within a 70 place increment after ~1.5-2 hours of play (and yes, that invariably includes well respected and previously succesfull members of this league).

Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm fairly certain people are here to play poker, rather than desperately fighting to maintain a death-grip on the leaderboard with negative, time economising nonsense.

The only solution to this problem, that I can see, is to have the league divided into two divisions. The 1st of which contains the top 1000 players from the previous month with the remaining players forming the 2nd. Each month there will be a number of relegated and promoted players, say ~150, to ensure the incentive to improve and progress remains. I'm not planning on going into the fine details, this is just an outline.

From what I've read, PS staff aren't overly receptive to change or new ideas, but I prefer to remain optimistic that they genuinely have the best interests of their community at heart (as foolish as that may be :wink: )

I'd love some feedback, if you have the time ofc :-D