last night was a tough night for me.  1100 hands or so, and though i played well, i cannot argue with the poker gods.
i can however, learn the lesson they are trying to teach me.
there were occasions where maybe i didn't have to push so hard. and, i was married to top pair and could not lay down KK.  i played them aggressively, but the whole idea behind bets and raises is to find out where you stand in the hand.  i had all the information i needed to fold the kings, and i even said outloud to my uninterested wife that my kings must be no good, but  i re-raised anyway, commiting my whole stack to the pot knowing i was beat.  my opponent had flopped a set of 3's and i was near dead from the flop on. 
what have i learned from this, dorothy?  kings are a beautiful sight to see, but they are just top pair and the board doesn't care how pretty they are. 
i am working to be a better player, and what i am hoping to add to my game is the ability to fold KK and AA when there is no doubt they're no good. 
that's a lesson that will save me a lot of money over the rest of my poker career.  i find kk and aa can win big, but they loose huge pots when they get cracked.  last night was about 200bb's down the tubes, not just on the 33 v kk hand mentioned above, but i lost with kk and aa other times and a full house.  what are you gonna do?  sometimes you have to pay for your lessons.