i'm off to a pretty good start in april.  i played a whole whack of small stakes tourneys on the 2nd a didn't do so hot.  i won first and third in a couple sng's but no cashes in the big mtt's.  no sweat though, i'm more about grinding than anything else.
   and, as far as the grind is concerned, i'm cruising along pretty well.  i'm picking up profits in my sustained sessions.  i'm able to play a lot of hands in a short time by 4 tabling, obviously, but for my personal satisfaction, i'm glad to be able to play a lot of hands and show a profit at the end of the session.  sometimes it's a pretty small proifit, but it's better than a loss. 
   i have been extremely honest with myself as far as my results, keeping accurate records of wins and losses.  the losses hurt, of course, but if i don't track them, i might as well be playing "play money" games because my results won't matter in the least.  i don't manufacture win streaks, as mike caro calls it, i just play as well as i can for as many hands as i can get in and i feel that i can resonably expect to make money.  so far, it's been a good formula.
   i still have to feed the donkies more than i would like, and i'm sure i've folded the best hand on occasion, but that's poker.
   my newest mini goal is to make it to silver star this month.  i know it's mini as mini goals come, but it's something i hope will be easy to achieve and it's a measurable step towards my bigger goal.  i don't plan on ever being anything less than silver star again, and i  hope to make gold next month, and reset my minimum level to gold or better, but that'snext month's goal, so i don't want to get ahead of myself.
   since 4 tabling has been going so well, i'm looking for a cheap monitor to add a few more tables as soon as possible. i'd like to play 6 for a bit, then 8, and work up tp 10.  it's not always easy to find 4 good tables to play so 10 might be a challenge at times, but if you're not being challenged on the journey to reach a goal, your goal isn't worth it.