it's not really.

i have been seeing a lot of posts about the game being fixed, or pokerstars is conspiring against them. 

i used to have some of those same suspicions, actually, so i know where they are coming from.  it just seemed that every time got my money in good, the other guy would catch up and i would lose.  online poker must be fixed, i said.  it's done by computers so they know what everyone has and they make some people lose and others win.

here's the thing: first, i was not a very good player at the time, usually over playing ace rag or some similar crap, and getting my money in with 2nd pair and a middle kicker.  yes, i was ahead, but i was not a huge favorite by any means.

i was also overvaluing big hands post flop when the board was draw heavy or paired.  i could not wrap my head around the idea that AA is just top pair.  that's it.  i would just jam my chips in and assume that i was going to take the pot because i had rockets and nothing beats them. 

when they got cracked by some jerk who played A10 suited and flopped a flush, well that was proof that the site was fixed. it was just not right that i had to wait forever for those aces and they got beat.

now, i am a bit more experienced than i was back then and i know that QJ os is in danger if the flop comes J or Q high.  i know how to slow down and read the board to see if it's showing draws or pairs and i play accordingly.  now, i don't think the site is out to get me if a third spade comes on the turn and my opponent bets into me.  i know that i am beat and i fold the hand.

also, i read in a book ( i can't remember which one) something about online poker and if it's fixed.  the author made a pretty compelling arguement against it.  you see, on a site like this one, there are hundreds of thousands of hands dealt every hour of every day to thousands and thousands of players at different stakes and on cash or tournament tables.  how important are you that pokerstars should bother to wade through all that information and all those hands just to make you lose a hand?  what do they care if you win or lose? 
   how much money would they need to pay their programmers to sit and wait for you to log on, then make you specifically lose a big hand?  what do they get out of that?  they don't get your money when an opponent beats you in a hand, your opponent does.  the site takes a rake, and that's it.  they don't give a flying fart who wins the hand.  you are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and there is no plot to take your money.

chances are if you are convinced online poker is fixed, you are over estimating your own poker prowess, and your own importance.  i don't say this to be rude or as an insult, i am speaking from my own experience.  i too was convinced that something was wrong.  i was right, but the problem was my game and attitude.

there is no fix.  keep playing, keep learning, and understand that losses are investments against future winnings.