i have been shooting for 100 hands a day due to limited time, and have recently had to settle for around 50 hands a day.  not good numbers if i want to make any progress in my mission to go pro in two years.  quite recently, i have begun to multi table.  the concept isn't new and i have done it before, but i found that i was prone to blatant stupidity so i went back to single table play a long time ago and stayed that way.
   i think that going back to a single table and playing good solid tagg poker has had the desired effect.  i began playing two tables about two weeks ago or so and i have been averaging a decent 12 bb/100 hands and i have been able to get to 100 hands within the time i have to play ( about an hour a night or so).  there have been a disturbing number of days this month that i didn't even have time to play a single hand.  disappointing, but i must make the time or that's what happens. 
   yesterday i found myself with some free time.  no kids, no wife, just me and the dog left to do as we please for the day.  awesome.  obviously i decided that some poker was in order, and i was going to make the most of my time by four tabling.  i played 746 hands in that time.  i was down 14 bb's a the end of that session, but i feel i played very well all things considered.  i made one glaring mistake, and had one had where i was the favourite, then i fell behind, then i caught up.  either way, i played well considering i haven't four tabled full ring games in a long time.
    later, after the disappointing hockey game, i played another 300 and something hands ( i ended up playing 1219 hands on the day), and finished that session up 64 bb's from the start of the day.  i got back what i lost, and picked up another 64, if that makes more sense.
    what that means to me is that i am going to be playing a whole lot more hands in the time that i have by playing 4 tables from here on out.  as i play on my laptop, i don't think i can play any more that 4 until i get an extra monitor that i can have a few more tables on.  i'll stick with 4 for now...i think that's plenty for the moment.
    with this new 4 tabling regiment, i hope to get in around 10,000 hands a month or more.  i think that'll be a good number to shoot for right now.  with another monitor, i can shoot for 20 to 30 thousand hands a month, but i'll need to work up to that, lol.

anyway, i should be playing right now.