that's it.  if you find yourself swearing and yelling and kicking the dog because some donkey caught a 3 outer on the river, you can't handle this game.

sound harsh?  deal with it. 

the fact is that if those donkies don't win, they'll quit playing because they just keep losing their money.  yes, it sucks losing like that, and it's usually a big pot to boot, but if we don't feed the donkies, they'll stop coming to play.  if you never won a hand, how long would you keep playing?

and, on top of that, there's something else you should consider before you play another hand.  if you got your money in good and the damnable donkey sucked out against you, then that donkey made a mistake.  those kinds of mistakes are what keep the good players on the happy side of the profit/loss tracking sheet.  that also means that if that donkey won a decent pot off you with Q3os, he will remember that time he won with Q3 and he will play it again.  and again.  

and again.

what does that mean to you?  that means that the next time your long-eared friend is mucking about with crap, he will be donating his chips back to you.  in fact, you can safely assume you will get all of your money back, as well as many future pots every time you play him.

take your beat, know that you are investing in your future profits, take the donkey's name and add him to your search friends, and play against him as often as you can.

again, if you can't do these things, quit poker because you can't handle it.  these tough hands are what ensure our food supply.  and i for one, am a big eater of donkey chips.  we all pay the price sometimes, some of us know what we're paying for, some of us whine and complain. 

which of us are you?