I've heard tonnes of goal setting advice and how important goals are.  I have heard them, and so far, totally ignored them.  Set major goals, then set minor goals that get you to your major goals.  Like baby steps, I guess.
  So, for the first time, I've decided to follow that advice.  In this case, it's on the virtual felt.  I'm sure there are some people who would suggest I should have chosen a more traditional place to start this new endeavour, but I'm not taking opinions at the moment.
   My goals are quite simple really.  I am attempting to build a stack through a nice bit of grinding at the low stakes cash games.  I know that the rule of thumb is to make 2bb/hr.  I am not sure if that is the "old rule" applying to live game where there are fewer hands dealt per hour than the internet counterpart, so I am assigning myself an average of 3-5 bb/100 hands. 
   As that is an average number, I feel it is a fair assessment of my results at those stakes.  I was averaging 22 bb/100 hands until today when i took a big hit losing boat over boat.  I am still averaging 3.5 BB/100 hands as I hoped to do, but that hit was painful to me average and my ego.  It is still early in my journey and I am ticking along at a good pace.
   The more important part of my goal is to get my bankroll up to 15 buy ins at the next stakes.  I think the rule of thumb is 10 buy ins, but I'm shooting for 15 to give myself that little bit of extra cushion.  I hope that the exta 5 buy ins will give me a bit of adjustment time to what I hope is better level of play.  I am playing at low stakes, so I do not expect huge jumps in player ability in one level, but there is still going to be some adjustment.
   The main goal is get a comfortable roll to play at some larger stakes.  Ideally making enough in my 3.5 to 5 bb/100 hands that I am making a decent supplementary income.  As my (hopefully) profitable play continues, I plan to build a bankroll that can support the transition from working stiff with a hobby, to introducing myself as a poker player when people as me what I do for a living. 
    So there's my goal, and the steps to get me there.  Timeline is another one of those things that goal setting gurus stress, so I have to make on of those.  I am still new to goal setting so don't break my balls!
   Anyway, I'm off to set myself a timeline.