I'm not a pro.  I'm a regular guy trying to learn this game the best I can and I hope to one day make a living playing poker.  I have a job, I don't spend money on the game I can't afford to spend, and i am not fooling myself that I am the best player in the world.  I work hard to improve and I practice as much as I can.  I read, I watch videos and i try my hardest to develop a game that can make my job obselete.
   I have an obstacle that most books don't mention.  My wife is not supportive of my goals to be a pro player.  She thinks it's a stupid game and a stupid goal. If I play a game when she's around, you'd think I was beating the children and kicking the cat.
   I know there are reasons for her to be worried about quitting my job and playing poker for a living. What if I bust out?  What if things don't go well and we're destitute? I get that; I really do. 
   As I said, I am not a pro yet, and I am not considering cashing in the children's college fund and taking my shot.  I'm talking about working hard, building a roll that can support gradually increasing stakes, and not making the move to pro player unitl I am consistently making more money in a week/month/year than I make at work, and I have a cushion to absorb any hits this game is guaranteed to throw at me.
    I guess what I'm wondering is if it's wrong of me to hold on to this goal of mine in spite of her objections?  Is it wrong of me to want to spend my life doing something I want to do everyday instead of doing something I have to do to make a wage?  I already know what I think.  I want my kids to see that they can do whatever they want if they are willing to work for it.  Hopefully, they will strive to do something they love and not settle for something that pays the bills but does nothing else. 
   I don't think that's wrong.  i think that you live one time on this planet and working at any career other than what you really want to do everyday you're here is a huge and unforgivable waste.  
   I am working toward my goal.  I will get there with or without her support.