So i've been playing poker for a while.  one of the things i've done to try and improve my game is to read books, watch videos, and seek advice from other players. i've read a lot of books.  i have a decent poker library these days populated with most of the big names in the game.
   recently, i got a new poker book and for the first time, i actually checked the reviews of it (after i bought it, of course) and found that the few people who did review it had negative things to say about it.  that's not surprising as you can't please everyone and it doesn't matter to me if anyone else likes the book or not.  it got me thinking though.
    i have come to realize that there are mini milestones we all pass as we progress in our studies of this game.  and until we pass a given milestone, so much of what we read and watch and discuss with other players is lost on us.  with that being said, i believe that every poker book out there has something to offer if you are far enough along in your development as a player to actually understand what you are reading.
   that is not to say that all poker books are created equal; far from it.  what i mean is that if i re-read all the poker books i've read, i bet i would find things in each of them that i didn't understand the first time i read them.  at some point, most of the books to tend to repeat the "common knowledge" things that we have come to understand on our own or through reading it a hundred times, but even then, that one thing you overlooked or glossed over the first time you read harrington on hold'em can make a difference in your game when you are ready to understand it.
    my wife thinks i'm nuts everytime i pick up a new poker book.  "don't you have enough poker books?" she asks me.  i always reply no and buy the book.  i am looking for that one paragraph in each book that marks my increased understanding of this game we play;  that one thing that i am now ready to understand that i never knew i was missing.
    i am finding that my own style is developing and that these books are not meant to make me a clone of the author, but help me see differences in the way this game can be played, to give me tools to add to my own game and help me see that no one can make me a better player than i are willing to work to be.
   anyway, i had that on my mind so there it is. don't expect to read a book and become phil ivey.  it isn't going to happen.  play, read, watch videos, talk to other players, and remember that you are doing all of that to learn.  what you do with what you have learned is up to you.