Online poker is it fair or is it not I began to wonder if it is or isent I have many reasons I could explain but I am not going to write a book as a blog the thing is I am a man with good poker knowledge I have played the game for near 13yrs now don't get me wrong 8 of those years I hadn't a clue and was just diving in to the game not with money but for fun with friends and so on then the evilest link appeared on my screen DOWNLOAD NOW POKERSTARS well after all them fun years I thought why not give it ago 2007 I made my 1st deposit and from there till now may2012 I haven't cashed anything over $1000 I've played like 40k maybe more in mtt n stt my opinion about pokerstars and there site is its nothing like a poker experience its complete virtual luck they say a good poker player wins I know deep down in my heart I play good soild poker and still don't win 5 years seemed like 20 years I know for sure there not 100% I win money playing poker every other week live why not online tell me this explain why when I get good hands deep in tourneys like KK AA QQ they get bashed not all time but way more than they should i can't think of anything else to do but quit online and I hate to do this. ANY ADVISE ON THESE BLOG PLEASE DONT TAKE YOUR TIME TO REPLY THANKS AND GL IS WHAT YOU NEED.