I loved Watches movie,

and by starting watch some movie esspecially "God of Gambler" which staring by Chow Yun Fat, I build some immagining. "how about if i....", "as wish could to be like him", "is that possible if i be a gambler?" and etc. 

for your information, there is no poker in my country. we just heard on the movie. and when poker online booming in my country, it made open my eyes and i'm join in local poker online. some time i got a win, and more time i got loss... Lol

they play no structural, no theorycal, no strategy and many else. just if u had Aces and Kings....?? ALLLLLL iiiiiiinnnn....... !!!!! Lol.

than i get surfing to found out what is gambler?? what is Poker??? and how is the right play poker???

i Found it, finally. and the answer is depend on your desicion and your action. which one do you prefer.

why it depen on us??? it causes;

1. if you playing just a play without consept, setting goal and destiny, strategy and knowleadge...??? you are in a GAMBLER side. because you just play based on your LUCKs, Emosional and unstopable. because when you getting loss, your emotion will rising up and bet more, more again, again and again just hope to make break even point, but finally the result is you get bankrup.

but when you get luck and win, you will not stop immidiatly. you will countinue to play as you wish getting more more more and more again. You would be a GREEDY player. when you got more winning money, aoutomaticlly yoour greedy soul will guiding you to join in BIG BUY IN table...

"OOWhhh come ooonn... make more money,,, dont just play in small table.. try big buy in table... today is yours..." your greedy said.

than you joined it. and finally???/? HEADSHOOT...!!!!! you LOSS all of your money included your winning money.

2, If you are play by consept, GOAL you had set, destiny and strategy and knowloeadge.?????

you are out of gambler side. because you had setting akk of your goal included your risk management, how many % loss and winning i have to stop., what strategy yoou have to used, and etc.


there is main typical of player. and what part of you are?? your decissioon is your destiny

after that i found poker star and i signed up to jioin. and said, "THIS IS WHICH POKER THAT I WANT...!!!!"

i thought thats all of my 1st story, next part i would tell you how about typical of player and how to manage and set your GOAL


thanks for read my and success you all