I had a lot of work and family commitments, so i have not played as much as i would have liked this month,but i came back on today and played a few tournies,and i was flying along until i managed to get it all in with a second nut flush draw,only for my opponent to have the nut flush draw with top pair... so that was that..

as i write this post, i am in the $500 Omaha 50 FPP freeroll 16th of 175...108 paid....

this was one of those, i just had a feeling ...




this hand saw me into the money 11th of 109




could this be a deep run.?


spectacular hold..





ran very well.... got to 16th  for $3.40....with 10 BBs.....  shoved em in... and lost the flip... was great fun.....


also as i was running deep into the Freeroll i late regged the hot 55c and am currently just on the bubble... so i played 5 today and cashed in 2... which is very pleasing....it cant be far away ,from a final table.....fingers crossed.

todays super luckbox hand..




and finished 86th in the Hot 55c for $5.55 ish.. was a bit unlucky to get it all in me Big Blind with KK sb who had me covered with 1010 and he hits 10 on the turn....  but hey ho, a lovely evenings poker.. i just need to get lucky at the final stages...


good luck all