Hey guys Im a maori from nz and unfortunately these words are most common here in live games. However I had a hand the other day that might make you smile.
Im in the cut off with 9h9d .1st hand of a 10k starting stack game. $50.00 buyin. Blinds 25-50 UTG-limps UTG+1 limps too. I open with a standard raise to 175. SB-calls ,BB-calls, UTG-calls ,UTG+1 calls.
SB-check ,BB-bet 325 ,UTG-calls ,UTG+1-calls. I noticed UTG very figity and keptlooking at her chips I figure her to be strong. I smooth call .Sb folds 2175 in pot (lol only 25-50 blinds) turn 7c. BB postures and bets 500 UTG-reraises 1200 ,UTG+1 SNAP calls. Im a lil fearfull UtG may have 22 so i smooth call again but with no real intentions of folding. BB-calls.(6975 first hand in the pot wtf? lol) river cums 3s BB-checks UTG-raises 1400 ,UTG-postures then folds 8d8c. I reraise 3125 BB-calls UTG-reraises allin, I do a lil acting and pause for a while, trying to look weak and call ,BB-calls. BB-shows Qc Jc and UTG-shows 3h 2h. after I show the winning hand and take down far more chips then i should have they both at the same time get up and say to me  "had to call I was suited lol
 Thats one for the good guys lol...........