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One more note: Yes, I think the title matches the blog and it´s poker related, at least it describes a kind of story I may one day will tell my son... when he´s old enough and his mother isn´t nearby.

This year’s WBCOOP blog entry is challenging to me. The newbies can write about the excitement they felt when they had their first royal flush or when they have won their first MTT, but I play for many years now and I have to admit that I got used to that stuff. I still make screenshots of royals and straight flushes but in the past I also made screenies of MTT wins, quads, great suckouts and stuff like that. I have a huge collection now and it has lost its sense.

Unfortunately this year’s WBCOOP blog should be about the most exciting moment when playing on Stars. So I started to ask myself the question why do I play on PokerStars and the answer is simply that PokerStars is pure Poker and I can have it every day but what does Poker mean to me and therefore what is the feeling which is for me combined with PokerStars? – To answer that question I have to tell you the story about the first time ever I played Poker. Yes, Ducky is going to tell a ferry tale now!

It was almost 20years ago. I was a young man and I had the privilege to spent 3 weeks at the most exciting place I could imagine at that time – Paradise Island. Paradise Island is a small island next to Nassau which is the capitol of the Bahamas. Today this island is well known in the world for a leading hotel and in the poker world especially for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. When I was there for the first time, the Atlantis was only one tower and a big dream in Sol Kurzner´s head but the island was a real Caribbean dream and not todays Disneyland. PokerStars was a decade away from beeing founded. The Poop Deck at Nassau harbor was the best sea food restaurant on this planet, the happy hours of Pirates Cove where legendary and trust me I didn´t missed a single one in three weeks. It was the first week of July, the sun burned hot, theBahama Mama´s were even hotter and the girls… phew! I just remembered that girl from Italy and the night on the beach… but that´s another story and you either have to pay me really big or to put a gun on my head to tell it!

Ok, back to topic. I fear this will become way longer than 500 words, but it´s about the feelings I have for PokerStars and so you have to understand what I feel about the game and why I love that game!

In this weeks Sol Kurzner opened the Atlantis. I didn´t stayed there, preferred the old Hilton at Pirates Cove. They had the greatest beach bar on earth. It was an old pirate ship and as already mentioned the happy hours were legendary hot. If you ever come to Paradise Island, take a Bahamas Mama with Nassau Royal on me and you get a slight feeling how great it was!

The Atlantis was next to my Hotel and I was attracted by the great opening ceremony. They had Michael Jackson performing at the Pool and many more celebrities. I was one of the first to walk through the Shark Tunnel but in the end it was more like the Vegas style. The whole show was wrapped around the casino.

When it came to casino, I didn´t had that much experience at this time. The slot machines weren´t attractive to me. From German casinos I knew roulette and black jack. I´m not the one for dices and roulette isn´t challenging. I´m very competitive and I love to win in a tough way. I already visited the old casino in Cable Beach, they were famous for some high roller baccarat games, but I prefered black jack and overall it was close to my experience from Baden-Baden.  Now I was faced the first time by a casino in Vegas style, kind of shocking.

I went through the myriads of slot machines to find the card tables and there it all begun! Right you just have read through 700 words only to find out the story now begins!

At the side of the big casino hall they had two tables offering Texas Holdem.  The only poker games I knew so far were Stud and I never played for some serious money. I decided to give it a go and took the right table because the other was already full. I asked the dealer to explain me the rules and he did. Yes the other players at my table for sure have seen me as a walking dollar bill. I loved the game. It was so juicy and so easy! Just like money printing! I played every ace and every broadway, I didn´t cared about position and I won! Yes, live was good and also yes, I was the sucker at the table!

The blinds were 10/20 and I bought in with 500 bucks and around two hours later, after a nice rollercoaster ride a swing took me up to more than 2k when the floor men came to our table. He asked us if we would agree to some higher blinds because they had some guest who wanted to play some higher stakes. I took it as a sign to run with the money I made, was already thinking how to invest it with the highest return of fun and my thoughts went to... well you know another story, when my focus was catched by a scene which could have been right out of a trashy cheap Hollywood movie!

The crowd around the tables and at the black jack tables was just as impressed as I was and it was as silent as it could be in a casino hall filled with slots! Two guys came along. Both at least 50 years old, wearing black smokings, decorated with scarfs, gold rings and the obligatory golden Rolex. Marlon Brando would have been proud of them. They were guarded by two blonde love dolls for each of them, makes a total of 8 far to long legs and way to big boobies bottled in way to tight black and red dresses, followed by two mountain gorillas wearing black suits and dark sun glasses!

I was close to be totally floored! I mean I wasn´t sure if I should start rolling myself with a hysterical laughing at the floor or if I should simply close my mouth and wait for Martin Scorsese to jump forth the next corner and shout “Spotlights on, camera on and ACTION!”.

Yes, there were two mafiosi like old man with 4 gorgeous blondes, followed by two body guards walking right into my direction. That was awesome! The greatest show I had ever seen in my life so far and it went on this way. They passed me and sit down right at the poker table. The floor men brought a load of chips with colors I´ve never seen before and it should take a long time that I´ve seen that much money on a table again. I watched the game for a few minutes only but I remember some insane action and a growing crowed. The two Mafiosi delivered a really great show playing heads up decorated with more money most people earn in year and the four blondes standing behind them!

A great show and that´s what poker still is to me! It´s entertaining! It´s still emotional, it´s challenging, it has the potential to bring out the best and sometimes the worst in you. It can make you friends and during the years I spent playing I had the fortune to find some very good friends and it can be a dream! Every poker player has a dream which he is chasing and my dream is to be a mafiosi in a film by Martin Scorsese and PokerStars gives me the opportunity to chase this dream whenever I want!

Every day is the best day on PokerStars! I hope you enjoyed the read and as always good luck at the felts!

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PSS: I forgot if it´s a true story or not... :p