Every poker day the same procedure… I start with a look at the forums where I´m engaged in. I read and answer a few blogs I follow. I read a few interesting hand discussions, check my mails and answer some before I open HEM2 and start my work with a review of my last session.

Every time I do this I recognize a lot of questions about played hands, requests on advise, whining threads about so called bad beats, cracked aces decorated with at least 10 exclamation marks and blogs about how to make money with poker or should I become a pro.

I´m tired of that crap. I´m bored.

All those questions, threads, blogs and comments have something in common. It´s the question “Why does all the others win and I lose all the time!?” and to be honest they don´t have any real value.

The best example for that kind of thread I ´ve found a few weeks ago. A young guy, new to the game, obviously unemployed and short of money, opened a thread complaining how frustrating it is to a newbie to play MSS and that he´s starting to think the games are rigged, cause he lost every Sunday he played. The thread grew within a few days to no less than 17 pages!

What made this thread interesting to me was the fact that he got comments, helpful comments (well at least they tried to) by longtime players, semi pros, even by known pros and coaches. 17 pages of great concepts how to play MSS, how to improve your game to the highest level, great advice for advanced preflop strategies, even better advise for even more advanced postflop strategies, links to very interesting videos and offers for great coaching sessions.

They all failed.

The thread ended 2 weeks later by closing cause of openers request. Yes, it was a rigged Sunday this happened.

So what do you have to do to find the real answer to this question? – It´s easy and it´s by far not that advanced. To find the answer you need to have a look at the basements of successful poker. It makes no sense to discuss progressive strategies if you aren´t able to follow basic rules.

For becoming a better poker player you have to understand the basics of the game. You have to understand what your part is in this business and how you interact with the other players.  This and a self-critique analysis of your play and behavior is the only way to become a better player, no matter how advanced your knowledge about poker is.

If you feel sick and you have headache you can take an aspirin. If you feel this way every day you should go to a doctor and make sure to know what makes you ill for possible becoming really well... in poker it is the same. If you tell me all the day your aces are cracked I can tell you that you have to raise more preflop, but this is only the aspirin. The better way will be to find out what´s basically wrong with you and your game.

to be continued...